25 years in the making.


ace-concepts is the result of studying, training, testing and operational experience. Learning and being open minded towards experiences of others combined with personal vision and experience. One doesn't live long enough to do/experience everything first hand. Lessons learned, often in blood, by others should always be studied and shared.


ace-concepts is an integration of all these elements and turned into an unique system that puts together the best know experiences, principles and techniques in use world wide.


ace-concepts is geared towards the professional user of violence and not the hobbyist that enjoys training in martial arts.

Applied: if not applicable in actual combat with a minimal amount of training it has little use for the professional user that usually doesn't have a lot of training time.

Combatives: integration of armed and unarmed combat. Individual and in team environment. 

Essentials: focused on the minimal amount of integrated useful skills and principles. Better one solution for multiple problems then multiple solutions for one problem!


Personal background of the author consist of Martial Arts (KravMaga and Core Combatives C2), 17 years Law Enforcement (patrol, close protection and firearms/use of force instructor Dutch National Police Academy), 8 years Military (Infantry and Military Police, Special Protective Assignments Brigade) and Competitive shooter (IPSC member Dutch National Team)